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“I went to Courtney and got microblading done she was awesome she did a great job and she was quick!! And my eyebrows look amazing !! She also waxed my face and it feels so soft!! Thank you Courtney!!”

- Sara S

“This was my first time getting a wax and to say I was out done is the least. She was extremely welcoming and very nice, her work remains professional and she is quick and concise. This was my first time ever getting a wax and my experience was great, despite being extremely nervous, she made it easy and it wasn't as painful as I thought it was. I didn't swell or get any of those other after effects of getting waxed it burned for a short time after and I was up and running after. She will now be the only person I go to, to get waxed for now on. Thank you!”

- Alanah W

“Great experience with Courtney. She is so sweet. I can tell she loves what she does because she was very GENTLE with me. I’m used to getting a Brazilian wax that is rushed and painful but i had the opposite experience with her. I will def come back. She has earned a new client.”

- Rosemary O

“Courtney was amazing! First time getting a Brazilian wax and was very nervous and scared. After reading reviews after reviews until coming across Celebrity Beauty Waxing I knew this was it and decided to take a risk and purchased! I went in and she made me feel so comfortable with her personality and kindness. The process was over before I even knew it, I even asked are you really done! I was waiting for the pain but it never came! Thanks Courtney, even though you are almost an hour away from me you have a loyal customer!”

- Evangelina B

“I went for my first Brazilian wax yesterday and I was so nervous! Leann took good care of me and said I handled it like a champ. She is amazing and makes you feel comfortable and is extremely careful and fast! I am definitely going to be coming more often, highly recommend! This groupon has become a loyal customer!”

- Leslie R

“Courtney is very professional and friendly. I drive almost an hour for her services because I don't want to go anywhere else! When it comes to eyebrow shaping she knows her stuff! I've always done my own until I started going to Courtney because I always felt like it was a waste of money to pay someone for something I could do myself. But I don't touch them anymore until I can go see Courtney!”

- Chelsea H

“This was my first wax after over 6 months and all I could recall is how uncomfortable it was in the past! I must say, Courtney is awesome and my first time with her wasn't nearly as painful as I remember!

She is very professional and makes you feel at home the second you walk through her door. She has a wonderful personality and I will recommend her to everyone. YOU CERTAINLY WON'T REGRET IT!”

- Erica J

“This was my first wax and I was scared to death. Courtney made me feel comfortable and was very professional. I just set up another appointment!!!!! I will surely recommend her services to anyone."

- Kayeloni L

“I went in for my first Brazilian wax and omg I was scared to Death!! Courtney Berry is Awesome she was very nice and she talked me through it! Afterwards I felt like a new woman and I will be going back to her! Thanks again Courtney! You’re Awesome!"

- Marzale P

“I had the first wax of my life one month ago. I was scared to death. I dreaded going to the appointment because I imagined it being awkward and painful.

Luckily a friend recommended Courtney. As soon as I walked through the door she began relaxing me by talking me through the process. It helped that the woman before me shouted, as she walked through the door: "This is the best wax I have ever had. The least painful too."

Surprisingly, it was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I just made my second appointment. From now on, I will always be waxed. Thank you Courtney!"

- Katie G

“I went to Courtney for my first Brazilian wax. I had heard horror stories about [Brazilian waxes] and Courtney made my experience very comfortable. Her method was much less painful than what friends had experienced with other people. I would highly recommend her and will be returning.”

- Pam N

“I have been going to Courtney for Brazilians since early 2011. I have followed her to each salon, and she is the ONLY person I will go. Even when I moved to Austin I drove up monthly just to get my Brazilian from her as she is absolutely THE BEST! I recommend her to everyone and on top of being the best in her field, she is also a super sweet person that has become a great friend. Trust me - if waxing is part of your beauty ritual, you absolutely will not find anyone better on the planet than Courtney!!!!”

- Laura N

“I have been going to Courtney for waxes for the past 2 years. She is very personable and professional. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. She takes her time, but at the same time it was quick and gentle. She is truly an expert at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the best!”

- Moenika C

“Courtney is the best! She makes you feel comfortable! I am a huge baby about being waxed and she is so tolerant. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I highly recommend her!”

- Mechelle S

“I visited celebrity beauty when I was in Dallas. All I can say is that Courtney gave me the best Brazilian wax ever! it was painless compared to Brazilians I've had in the past. She makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her services.”

- Taromina P

“I love Courtney. She makes you feel totally comfortable. I won't see anyone else for my Brazilians and all my waxing needs.”

- Lauren J

Courtney gave me the most painless Brazillian wax I have ever had! Seriously! Courtney made me feel very comfortable and I will definitely see her for my Brazillians when I'm in town!”

- Lauren R

“I have found my new "wax lady"...lol. Courtney is awesome not only at her craft but as a person. When I met her, it was like I knew her and my Brazilian turned out better than going to these chain places. She is good at what she does and she makes her clients want to come back! Thanks again for accommodating me on my birthday :-)!!!”

- Carmen

Courtney came with high recommendations from one of my best friends!! She is THEBOMB.COM! I was new to getting a Brazilian wax, but her confidence and professionalism was reassuring. I give her ***** (5 stars)!!!

- Tonya P

I have been a client of Courtney's for awhile. Her technique is painless, and she's very friendly, professional, good at what she does. You WON'T be disappointed! I definitely recommend her :)

- Amy D

Went to Courtney for my first Brazilian wax almost a year ago. My experience was fantastic. Have not gone to anyone else. Courtney's salon is private, relaxing and painless. I highly recommend her for your waxing needs!

- Susan T

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